May 31 Grand Prize Giveaway – Free Week at Camp

The people’s choice for favorite Camps with Meaning song goes to “GONNA TAKE A CHANCE” (2017) with 20% of the vote. Coming in second is “This Ground” (2015) with 11% and tied for third place are ”Be a Sower”(2013) and “Project Shiny” (2012) at 9%.

The oldest songs voted for are “Sword into a Ploughshare” from 1996, “Fear Not” from 1998, and “Lord, you’ve searched me” from 2000 – all of which we still sing! That’s over 20 years of making awesome music and singing together at our camps.

The winner of the random draw from all of our survey participants is CALEB F, who receives a free week at camp this summer. Congratulations!

Thanks for being part of these surveys – we hope you had some fun! We loved discovering what your favorites are, and we look forward to making more memories with you this summer.

May 11 Giveaway

Thanks again to all our survey participants!
The most popular camp game is STICKS, with Blob Tag and I just met Bob Wiebe coming in a close second. Following the top 3 are Everybody’s It, Appliance Tag and Duck, Duck, Animal. Another suggestion for favourite game is Prisoner’s Base – maybe it’s time to bring that one back?
The winner of the draw this week for a free 2018 camp T-shirt is MICHELLE B. Congratulations!
More surveys are on their way – keep an eye on your emails and facebook!

The survey is closed.

We play group games almost every evening at camp. If you have a favourite, let us know. If you haven’t had a chance to try them yet, register for camp, and then pick the one that sounds the best. You might be surprised at what the faves are.

The winner gets the new t-shirt for Summer 2018.

May 4 Giveaway

Thanks to all who participated in our second survey and giveaway!

We had a THREE-WAY TIE this week! It seems you enjoy all the morning activities – jack rabbit, polar bear and aerobics. The best part is doing them at camp!

The winners of the random draw from all our participants are brothers MATT AND JACQUES S, who will each receive a tubie to wear and use in multiple ways when they come to camp. Congratulations!

The survey is closed. Even if you haven’t been to camp yet, you can choose what activity you’d like to do to get moving in the morning. If you’re a long time camper, we’re pretty sure you have an opinion. Let us know and enter the draw for a Camps with Meaning Tubie.

If you don’t know what a Tubie is, watch the video (below) where long time staff Molly and Annika demo all the great uses.

Come back to this page May 4 to find out what the favourite morning activities are.

 April 27 Giveaway

Thanks to all who participated in our first survey and giveaway!

The most popular camp snack is, CINNAMON BUNS, winning 40% of the vote, with ice cream sundaes a close second at 30%. Brownies came in next, and then kettle popcorn. Some really delicious independent options were also submitted: bannock over the fire, doughnuts, a chocolate fountain and apple crisp & ice cream with hot chocolate. Yum!

The winner of the random draw from all our participants is AISLYNN G, who will receive a gift certificate to bring to camp for an extra snack for her cabin. Congratulations!


The survey is now closed. Come back to this page April 27 to find out what everyone’s favourite snacks are.

Note: You need to be registered at camp this summer to redeem this prize.