Our Philosophy

We strive to create an atmosphere conducive to:

  1. the discovery and the nurture of a meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ and commitment to Him and His way of life.
  2. affirming the worth of self and others, as well as developing skills in community living.
  3. developing an appreciation for the natural environment, learning responsible stewardship of it and responding in worship to the God who created it.

Our beliefs and practices are based on Anabaptist theology. The camp’s primary goal is to further the Kingdom of God.


Summer Program Objectives

  1. The Camps with Meaning Summer Program will encourage each camper to grow as a whole person. This includes the following types of growth:
    1. Mental: Campers will be challenged to learn:
      • the stories and teachings of the Bible and how they apply to faith and life
      • to shaper personal values in the light of the Bible
      • life skills including making good decisions
      • to identify positive role models for life choices and patterns
      • understand the connection between Bible program and camp activites
    2. Emotional: Campers will be encouraged to:
      • have a great time
      • participate enthusiastically in new activities
      • take appropriate adventures and risks
      • “rejoice always” despite circumstances
      • identify and share their feelings with others
      • find creative expression through music, drama, art

      In addition, campers will be affirmed as persons of worth, will be shown unconditional love and will be recognized for achievements.

    3. Social: Campers will experience the following in community living:
      • making new friends
      • building an atmosphere of love, acceptance and respect for others
      • building one another up in active encouragement
      • opportunities to follow and to lead
      • a community based on Biblical models rather than “individualism” and “competition”
      • understanding of love and forgiveness
      • learning responsibility for self and others
    4. Physical: Campers will:
      • be challenged to grow in strength and skills related to recreational activites
      • be trained and supervised in safe behaviours at all activities
    5. Spiritual: Campers will be encouraged to:
      • participate in worship and singing
      • read the Bible
      • talk to God (pray)
      • praise God as Creator and accept responsibility for stewardship of Creation
      • trust God for specific situations
      • express questions about faith
      • enter relationship with Jesus Christ and make a commitment to Him and His way of life
      • take further steps in following Christ
      • understand church as a meaningful experience of God
  2. The Camps with Meaning Summer Program will encourage each staff person to grow in their personal faith, including the following areas:
    • understanding and exercise of spiritual disciplines
    • integrity of belief and action
    • preparation for ongoing serice in God’s kingdom
    • articulation of Christian beliefs
    • experience of Christian community
    • attitude and expression of love