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Music is an important part of the worship time at camp… important enough that some staff get together yearly to write music that helps communicate what is taught in the Bible sessions.

Here are some of the fruits of that labour… and even before that, in the 90’s, songs were being written by staff for use at camp, a few of those will also be included here…

A word about permission:
You are welcome to use these songs for group singing. It is assumed that the contact information will be included on the overhead/song sheet/power point.
If you are interested in compiling the songs in a book or recording them, you should contact us and let us know how you are planning on using this resource.
Suggested contact info: ©YEAR, Camps with Meaning,,

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 Song Title and Year mp3 file pdf file
Clothe ourselves with love (2019) pdf
Wake up in the morning (Colossians 3:12-14) (2019) pdf
Now May the Lord of Peace (2018) pdf
Gonna Take a Chance (2017) mp3 pdf
Be on Your Guard (2016) pdf
This Ground (2015 Gtr&Vocals) mp3 pdf
You are One (2014 Demo) mp3 pdf
 Be a Sower (2013) mp3 pdf
 Project Shiny (2012 Demo) mp3 pdf
Project Shiny (2012 Video Mix) mp3 pdf
 Living the Light of the World (2012 demo) mp3 pdf
Living the Light of the World (2012 Video Mix) mp3 pdf
With God as Our Hands (Lord make me an instrument) (2011 demo) mp3 pdf
Follow Follow Jesus (2011 demo) mp3 pdf
It’s all under God’s roof (2010) mp3 pdf
Welcome Home (2010) mp3 pdf
Everyone (2009 Demo) mp3 pdf
You’re Invited (2009 Demo) mp3 pdf
Come on (2009 Demo) mp3 pdf
Open (2009 Demo) mp3 pdf
Romans 12 (2009 Demo) mp3 pdf
Shalom (2008) mp3 pdf
Garden to Garden (2008) mp3 pdf
The Apple Sits Alone (2008) mp3 pdf
Called by God to be worthy (2007) (live recording from Camp Koinonia) mp3 pdf
We choose to love (2007 Demo) mp3 pdf
God help me live a life (2007 Demo) mp3 pdf
Building the Kingdom (2006)  mp3 pdf
Part of the story (2006 Demo) mp3 pdf
God’s Kingdom is upside down (live at camp) (Barrette Plett, 2006) mp3 pdf
God is our shepherd (2005 Demo) mp3 pdf
Come on everybody (2005 Demo) mp3 pdf
Living in God’s House (2005 Demo) mp3 pdf
You are the way (2005 Demo) mp3 pdf
Gather ‘Round (God is building) (2004 Demo) pdf
Gather ‘Round (One and all) (2004 Demo) pdf
Circle of God’s People (2004) pdf
We Are Salt (Shake it Up) (2003) pdf
Ya Gotta Have Salt (2003) pdf
The Tree Song (2002) pdf
Turn My Heart (2002) pdf
Lord You’ve Searched Me (2000) pdf
Go in Peace (2003, Loretta Friesen Wiebe and Diana Epp Fransen) pdf
Fear Not (1998, Barrette Plett) pdf
Sword into a Ploughshare (1996, Darryl Neustaedter Barg) pdf