The Bible Program

The Bible Program at Camps with Meaning is a time of exploring with children what it means to follow Jesus.

The Bible program is designed to be “fun” for children.  Our Bible Instructors go to great lengths to find stories, write skits and create object lessons which engage the campers.  Our staff write songs each season to accompany the Bible program.  The program is presented in an interactive style during the morning “Bible Exploration time”, as well as at the evening Fireside and in small group talks.

The Bible program is about “faith”.  Basic Christian values and beliefs are taught from the Mennonite perspective.  Key to this teaching is an invitation to follow the example of Jesus Christ, and to begin or grow a relationship with Jesus Christ.  These are matters where campers are given free choice.  Campers of all faiths or belief systems are welcome.

The Bible program is based on a five year curriculum. This year’s theme is “Discipleship”.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.