Extreme Green Week

What is “EXTREME GREEN WEEK” at Camp Koinonia?

Extreme week at includes the “basics” of every great week at Camp Koinonia:

  • making new friends
  • growing in confidence as you try and succeed at new things
  • having an opportunity to grow spiritually
  • learning life skills
  • lots of fun and exciting activities (climbing wall, mountain biking and more)
canoing roasting over fire

In addition, “Extreme Green Week” at Camp Koinonia will help you get up close and personal with the environment. Campers will spend half their week on an exciting out trip which involves canoeing and portaging through several lakes in Turtle Mountain Provincial Park. The other half will be spent at the main site, enjoying camp specialty activities. Challenge yourself to:

  • Learn skills for outdoor living, like tenting and cooking over an open fire.
  • stretch yourself physically and emotionally through two days and nights of trekking and camping.
  • Bond with your gender group, as boys and girls will be separate for the campout portion.

Get ready for an adventure, and bring a friend, to ….