The second CwM Songathon took place on March 18, 2017!

The cabins are nearing completion, but paying for them is not. Let’s Raise the Roof on our giving and participation. Scroll down to donate.

Watch the stream here.

There were a few glitches in the first part of the show… it gets better.


1:10 – The Homesteaders (Eli Bergman and David Hogue)
1:40 – Kenzie Jane (Visit her Facebook page)
2:10 – WMEMS Choir (Visit the school website)
2:40 – SHMC English Choir
3:10 – Kim Thiessen and Darryl Neustaedter Barg
3:40 – Laura Woelk & Daria Hildebrand
4:10 – Alisa Wiebe & Bucky Driedger
4:40 – Luke & Ang Enns
5:30 – CMU Handbell Ensemble
6:10 – Pahl Family
6:40 – Encore Quartet (Visit their website)
7:10 – Jayme Giesbrecht (Visit her Facebook page)
7:40 – The FMC Cabineros (Mark von Kampen, Dale Kraubner, and Evan Rogalsky)
8:10 – Live Auction
8:40 – Camp Singalong led by Mike Wiebe

Auction Items

  • Zorb Ball event
  • Winnipeg Jets tickets
  • Winnipeg Blue Bombers tickets
  • Manitoba Moose swag
  • A weekend in the Homewood at Camp Assiniboia
  • 2 Volcanic Nacho Platters (use your imagination here)
  • Camp swag package (plus a classic camp treat)
  • 3 hours of handy man services
  • Winnipeg Jets jersey autographed by Blake Wheeler with Onrej Pavelec’s name on it (one of a kind!)

Click on the CanadaHelps logo here to donate:


What’s a Song-a-thon?

It’s the Camps with Meaning version of the old Telethon (‘Tele’ means TV). You have a program with lots of guests, an energetic MC, and invite people to call in (or, in our case now, visit the website) and make donations. It’s simply a fundraiser, and it will mostly be songs, therefore: Song-a-thon. So we need your help to promote the event, come out, and give to the cause. Let’s raise the roof!

We Built Some Cabins!

During the summer of 2016, through the Family Program of Mennonite Disaster Service, we built four new all-season cabins at Camp Assiniboia.

Check out pictures and more info here.

We are very excited about this project – both in terms of hosting MDS families and in terms of the impact that it will have on our programs, long-term sustainability and vision for a mission program at camp.

The cabins that we built replaced four summer cabins that were no longer viable for use. These new family-sized cabins are designed to accommodate the needs of both our summer and winter programs. Each cabin will be wheelchair accessible and will include:

  • a washroom and shower
  • small kitchenette with a mini-fridge, microwave and coffee maker
  • small living room space with plenty of windows and light from which to view the outdoors
  • wood burning stove
  • screened in porches.

The first ever Camps with Meaning Songathon was on
April 16, 2016, 1:00pm – 9:00pm!

Master of Ceremonies: Kathy Giesbrecht
14 Musical Acts! Interviews! Great fun for the whole family!

This is the page to watch and donate on! Yes, we are still open for donations!

Keep scrolling down the page for more information, other videos, and our list of performers from our first ever Songathon!

We’ve got the whole first ever CwM Songathon archived right here! If you want to relive the excitement and talent we saw on April 16, 2016 or watch it for the first time, this video is for you!


Here is a list of the wonderful performers that played at the first ever Camps with Meaning Song-a-thon! Between each act, MC KathyG interviewed musicians and other camp luminaries for your enjoyment.

1:10 – Paul Dueck (Visit his website)
1:40 – Sargent Mennonite Adult Choir
2:10 – Bri Hildebrand, Laura Woelk, Myles Tiessen, and Daria Hildebrand
2:40 – Springfield Heights Church Blaeserchor
3:10 – Bob and Verna Wiebe and family
4:10 – Lindsay Rae (Visit her Facebook page)
4:40 – Rebecca Klassen-Wiebe
5:10 – Second Son (Mike Wiebe and Nolan Kehler)
6:10 – Jess Reimer (Visit her website)
6:40 – Julia Kasdorf & Ryan Klassen with Ang Enns
7:10 – The Homesteaders (Eli Bergman and David Hogue)
7:40 – The Preamblers (Curtis Wiebe, Mark von Kampen, David “Doc” Froese, and Rick Unger)
8:10 – Riverbend (Dan Dyck, Jessica Falco, Moses Falco, Wayne Guenther, and Rick Unger)
8:40 – The FMC Cabineros (Mark von Kampen, Dale Kraubner, and Evan Rogalsky)