Summer camp is often talked about like a mountain top experience—where staff are feeling elated as they are connecting deeply with God, forming strong bonds with each other, feeling empowered through their ministry and service with campers, and able to grow into who they are created to be!

This November, we had a Spiritual Retreat where our Summer Staff could come back to camp for the weekend. This was an intentional time of rest and rejuvenation, worship and play, and focused reconnection to God, each other, and a faith community. This weekend helps sustain our staff throughout the year and invests in who they are! Laughter, tears, stories, and song were shared. Painting, hiking, archery, cooking, and game playing were enjoyed. And we worshiped God through various prayer practices of head, heart, and body, as well as singing, drumming, jumping to traditional Camps with Meaning songs!

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