Hooray, registration for summer camp is open!

Visit our Registration Info page for all the details and links.

So, we have a little oops in the summer brochure… We forgot to put a legend on the summer schedule page so you can see which colour is which camp. (And the page before about activities has them labelled with the wrong colours) Fortunately, the summer schedule linked on the Registration Info page does have the correct legend right on it.

Watch the video below to meet Rianna, our Program Director, and be invited to camp.

Welcome to Camps with Meaning Registration 2015!! from Mennonite Church Manitoba on Vimeo.

Watch the video on the Summer Basics page to get a small taste into last year, or visit the Memories of Camp page to check out a few pictures, listen to the music the camp staff have written or watch a few years worth of videos!

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