Why this big dike project now?

  • The municipality received the funding from other levels of government to be spent immediately. The province anticipates sending more water through the Assiniboine River in future high water years, which makes the need for a better and extended dike urgent. Our existing dike was showing serious signs of strain during the last high water event. Having a secure dike on our property protects the camp and all the nearby residents.

Who’s paying for it?

  • Municipal, Provincial and Federal governments are paying for it. Can you believe it? We knew our dike was in trouble but we had no idea how we’d pay for the repair, never mind extension through the pasture. Fundraising for moving dirt would not have been easy. This project cost is estimated at well over $600,000.

Are they cutting down all the big trees?

  • Unfortunately, some trees are coming down on the outside edge of the existing dike where the fortification will occur. Some of the really large ones may be staying. Harv Sawatzky, our land-use consultant, was involved in the negotiations and has given his input.

What’s the long-term impact on the forest?

  • Removing some trees on the edge of the existing dike will have minimal impact, although increased high water events will likely change the nature of the forest. Trees can’t have their roots under water too often before damage occurs.

What’s this about a lake?

  • An exciting outcome of the project will be a 4-5 acre lake at the far corner of the pasture. Soil from that area is being used for the dike, and the camp is being compensated for that use which will allow for substantial landscaping around the lake. Multiple uses, from education to recreation, are expected from this lake.

What about the ropes course and the pool?

  • The ongoing development plan includes moving the ropes course inside the dike, and, replacing our ‘most-ancient-of pools’. The dike project will fill that low spot by the existing pool and create an improved site for the new pool. Your donations are welcome.
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