The annual party in the Camp Assiniboia barn. Come out and move to the old-timey music. No dancing skills required. In fact, you don’t have to dance. Just come to hang out.

Details are on the poster below, but don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions.

We need pie donations! Contact Elizabeth if you can bring a pie or more. or 204-895-2267.

What’s a Pie Spectacular? Check below the poster.

What’s a “Pie Spectacular”?

So, we have two ways to engage pie at this event. We think that’s spectacular.

  1. The traditional pie auction. Bring your big dollars, as supply will be limited.
  2. The more accessible, yet risky event called the pie walk. It’s kind of a combo between musical chairs and a raffle.
  • A circle is drawn on the ground sectioned off into 8 “pie pieces”
  • Each piece is numbered from 1-8 and has a corresponding player
  • At the beginning of each round the players throws a toonie in a bucket
  • Like in musical chairs, the players circle around the pie until the music stops
  • The caller draws a number and the player who is standing in front that number takes a pie
  • The game starts again (each player throws in another toonie) and the game continues until all of the pies are gone.
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